Final Fantasy Origin Story Details Revealed By Creative Producer Tetsuya Nomura

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Because Final Fantasy Origin is a Japanese game, many of the interviews and secrets need to be translated. Fortunately, we received information about an interview with Famitsu, a Japanese gaming website. We've discovered a bit about the new Final Fantasy, and it's both surprising and intriguing.

Final Fantasy Origin will not be a remake, reboot, sequel, or repeat in any way of the original. In its place, the interview shows that the game will be something unique but also borrow from the theme. It's an exciting approach to the series, one that would pay off, and we are pleased to have received such an excellent translation.


Is Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins based on the original Final Fantasy?

Tetsuya Nomura shared more information about Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin in an interview with Famitsu. The interview covers the genesis of the title and whether this story is part of the central universe or something entirely different. I thought this interview was crucial because it was clear that the game wasn't what many thought.

In the interview, Tetsuya Nomura stated that while Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is based on the first entry in the Final Fantasy series, as we could all tell. It isn't straightforward to understand, as it isn't a retelling of the game, but it does use the original as a starting point and makes its own story. To quote Tetsuya Nomura in an independent Translation:

"Yes. It is not a story that is continuous with 'FF1', but a new story with 'FF1' as a motif. The trial version is a chaos temple that will challenge the beginning, but the flow is the same as the progress of 'FF1'."

Tetsuya Nomura describes the world of Final Fantasy Origin as a "paradise," and Jack, the main character, is supposed to be a stranger. The strange thing about Jack is that he isn't one of the protagonists from Final Fantasy 1. He is meant to be unique and different from everyone else.


'The Warriors of Light' are the party that the player controls in the original Final Fantasy game. Their name and their actions suggest that they are the heroes everyone looks up to. The name of Jack has a deeper meaning, just as the original party's name, but it isn't intended to be heroic.

To quote Tetsuya Nomura again:

"Also, as a concept, there is also a foreign existence that does not resemble the figure recalled from the warrior of light who confronts Garland in "FFI". Jacks also have a mission to defeat chaos, but they had to be characters that seemed to be "totally different from the Warrior of Light... There is nothing but a narrative intent regarding Jack's appearance. Also, to put it another way, Jack's name has a meaning, but it will be a spoiler, so that's another opportunity."

In 2022, Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. You can play the PS5 Trial Version demo until June 24, 2021.