New Final Fantasy Origin Demo Lets You Carry Over Save Progress

Get ready for even more chaos. During the March 2022 State of Play, Square Enix announced a third Final Fantasy Origin demo slated to launch March 9 ahead of the game’s March 18 release date, and you can carry your save data over this time.

The new Final Fantasy Origin demo lets you play through the first three stages, which Square Enix says ends with the Western Keep dungeon, and apparently it’s just a fraction of what to expect.

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New Final Fantasy Origin Demo Lets You Carry Over Save Progress

Final Fantasy Origin producer Jin Fujiwara said the total runtime should be around 40 hours if you just follow the main story, though there’s a substantial amount of things to do on Jack’s journey to find – and become – Chaos.

“If you’ve played other Final Fantasy games, you might be a little unsure of this [narrative] direction,” Fujiwara said. “However, as you play the game, I’m sure you’ll feel for yourself that SOPFFO is unmistakably a Final Fantasy game – in the intricate story that Jack, the protagonist, follows, both tragic yet hopeful; in the dungeons that use past installments of the Final Fantasy series as a motif; in the job system, and in many other aspects of the game.”

Check out the new Final Fantasy Origin trailer below:

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