Final Fantasy 9 TV Series Reportedly Starts Production Soon

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A Final Fantasy 9 TV series deal is the latest games-to-TV crossover announced, but it's not your average TV series.

Kidscreen, who first broke the story, said Square Enix and Cyber Group Studios are developing a Final Fantasy 9 series for kids, with worldwide plans for distribution alongside merchandise and more.


Don't expect it on your screens anytime soon, though.

Cyber Group only recently finished putting together its plan for the Final Fantasy 9 TV series and has yet to even pitch a network.

Cyber Group CEO Pierre Sissman told Kidscreen the goal is to enter production by 2022 or possibly the end of 2021.

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Final Fantasy 9 Is Reportedly Being Turned Into a Kids' Series

While it's no surprise to see Final Fantasy being adapted outside gaming, the choice of medium is perhaps a bit unusual.

Kidscreen called Final Fantasy one of the most successful kid-friendly franchises around, though FF9 is kid-friendly in the same way watching your horse die in Neverending Story is kid friendly.


It's full of murder, betrayal, madness, war, death, and existential crises, not to mention a fair few scenes most would consider rather spicy for the palettes of Cyber Group's targeted eight-and-up audience.

Still, it's nothing you won't find in your average fairy tail, even down to the inter-species relationships, and Cyber Group will likely take some liberties with the source material anyway.

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[Source: Kidscreen]