Chocobo GP Gets Mobile Spin-Off Called... Chocobo GP

Square Enix shadoe dropped a mobile spin-off for Chocobo GP called, well... Chocobo GP. It's a short adventure featuring the main character, Chocobo, as they and Moogle pal Alta try recovering their stolen treasure hoard. This game is also available on iOS and Android devices now and, despite being free-to-play, it has no microtransactions.

Square Enix announced the surprise releaes on the official Final Fantasy Twitter. It's not your usual racing game, though. Players will race through 250 stages filled with obstacles to reach the finish line, obstacles including crates, bridges, and more. What makes Chocobo GP mobile different is that the courses are sidescrolling.

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Chocobo GP Gets Mobile Spin-Off Called... Chocobo GP

The game is fairly small at 236.8MB on the iOS and 108MB on Android phones, and it's meant to be a brief glimpse of what to expect when the full Chocobo GP game launches on Nintendo Switch in March.

At launch, the full game will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive, and there's no word yet whether it'll eventually release on other platforms.

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