Square Enix Teases Expansive Chocobo GP Roster

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The full Chocobo GP roster will likely include over 20 characters, game director Akihiko Maeda said during Square Enix's Tokyo Game Show 2021 panel (thanks, Siliconera). So far, Maeda is keeping silent on who's actually making it in the game, though the original trailer gives some indication of who we can expect to show up.

There's Chocobo themselves of course, along with the White Mage of Chocobo's Dungeon fame, Final Fantasy's classic Black Mage, and some enemies such as golems and Behemoth. Given Mog's relationship with Chocobo in the Chocobo spinoff games, we'd be surprised if the scallawag doesn't show up at some point as well.

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Square Enix Teases Expansive Chocobo GP Roster


Maeda suggested some additional courses and characters may find their way to Chocobo GP as DLC. While he didn't outright say Chocobo GP DLC was a thing, he said asking about it was "a good question" and declined further comment. The full roster will be revealed at a later date.

Chocobo GP brings Final Fantasy kart racing back after more than two decades, with Chocobo and co. racing around multiple tracks inspired by Final Fantasy locations. Classic spells, including Firaga and Doom, are your weapons of choice as you speed toward supremacy.

Chocobo GP releases in 2022 for Nintendo Switch.

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