How to Get a FFXIV Resplendent Feather in Patch 6.1

An item that has baffled some Final Fantasy XIV players in the latest patch is the elusive FFXIV Resplendent Feather, and for good reason - these particular trinkets have a convoluted way of getting them. Never fear, our guide is here to help walk you through getting an FFXIV Resplendent Feather to unlock your avian Alkonost mount.

These funky friends have been introduced in the new 6.1 patch and can be ridden around. There are some limitations to that; they can’t be used in the new Crystalline Conflict PVP mode, or some previous ones, due to spacial confinements. Even still, if you're working on a mount collection, you'll need a bunch of Resplendent Feathers to add another to your log.

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How To Get FFXIV Resplendent Feather

Getting a handful of Resplendent Feathers is the tricky bit. Pay attention here, as there are a few steps.

The first thing you need to do is get Kumbhiraskin Treasure Maps. These are found as ‘Timeworn Kumbhiraskin Maps’ inside glass bottles from level 90 gathering nodes, but you can buy them from other players as well.

You can only gather a single map each day, but you can take part in as many as you want with other players.

Again, given you can buy them on the market board, you can technically run as many as you can afford in a single day. Ultimately it's luck that you'll need to rely on when hunting for the exclusive FFXIV Resplendent Feather, but the more maps you have, the more chances you'll have as well.

Just decide on the loot rules before jumping in to help with a friend's map if you're expecting to swindle their rewards. If you can't roll for the loot in the final chamber of the treasure dungeon, you won't be getting a FFXIV Resplendent Feather even if you see one - not unless you buy them from the market board for exorbitant prices.

The FFXIV Resplendent Feather comes from the Excitatron 6000 map dungeon.
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Where Do I Get Kumbhiraskin Maps?

Some players have reported reliable places to find the Timeworn Kumbhiraskin Maps. Here are some noteworthy places to check for Kumbhiraskin Maps no matter your gathering class:

  • Loch Seld, Gyr Abania - there are three level 90 spearfishing nodes to try in this old Stormblood area.
  • Ultima Thule - Botanists and Miners should have no trouble finding level 90 nodes in this final questing location.

Once these bottled treasure maps are found, use the Decipher action on them. This extracts the map properly so it can be read - turning it into Kumbhiraskin Treasure Maps. Then, follow the map!

Gather up your friends and prepare to fight for Resplendent Feathers. Given they're needed to get one of the hottest new mounts around, everybody wants one, but only one person will get one.

The chambers of the Excitatron all house groups of monsters. Take them down, and you get to choose a door to open. Pick the right one and you'll move to the next floor, but choose the wrong one and you'll be kicked out with nothing but the loot you found on the way.

The Feathers will be found as loot, usually in the last chamber or area of the map, and in a box. There are waves of enemies on these maps, so it is wise to collect a strong party before starting and simply hope for the best.

What Is A Resplendent Feather For In FFXIV?

Now that the finding and reading of maps is out of the way and you have gathered some feathers, it is time to use them.

Three Resplendent Feathers can be spent to unlock the Alkonost Mount that bounded in with the 6.1 Patch. Head to Radz-at-Han and locate Nesvaaz. They will sell you the Alkonost Whistle. Just use it from your inventory to add the mount to your collection.

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