Final Fantasy XIV Is Beautifully Relaxing So Far

Final Fantasy XIV is my first true MMO experience, and it’s beautifully relaxing so far

Here’s a secret - I love Final Fantasy 7 and a few others, but much of the franchise just didn’t draw me in. I don't even really know why, but I think much of it was timing since I moved to Xbox shortly after finishing Final Fantasy X.

Spurred on by a whim (and the news that the game has hit 22 million players), though, I jumped into Final Fantasy XIV, the series’ second stab at the MMO (or arguably third, having been rebuilt from the ashes of its first incarnation).

I’m much too early on in the game to be hitting challenging content, but for now, I’m actually hooked on just how calm it is.

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Final Fantasy XIV Is Beautifully Relaxing So Far

As you may know, I already play a few “live-service” games, and between Destiny 2, Division 2, Warframe, and now Outriders, I’m actually a little bit burned out on shooting and looting.

On the other hand, I’m so early on in Final Fantasy XIV that any gear I get is an upgrade, and I’m really just knocking off small, “kill x creatures” and "collect x items" side quests using the most basic of abilities. And yet, I love it for that.

That’s helped, of course, but the game’s beautiful soundtrack. Nobuo Uematsu has some absolute bangers under his belt while working on the franchise, but here his understated work becomes the backdrop to my Conjurer’s exploration of Eorzea.

It also helps that there’s something very charming about the whole thing. The Lalafell are an adorable race, for example, and the entire game feels like a fairytale come to life – a far cry from the likes of World of Warcraft or Western RPGs.

Of course, this is just me documenting my first and early steps into Final Fantasy XIV, and yet I can already feel as though I want to learn about every inch of its world.

I also can't wait to see what a fully levelled Conjurer can do, as right now I'm kind of just flinging stones about – but every journey has to start somewhere.

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