FFXIV 5.4 Patch Notes, Maintenance And Latest Changes To Final Fantasy Online

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Final Fantasy 14 Online is getting a sizeable new patch dubbed "Futures Rewritten" – and it's coming next week.

The update will add new content and a new raid, dubbed Eden's Promise, featuring interactions with Ryne and Gaia.


Final Fantasy 14 Futures Rewritten 5.4 Patch Release Date

The patch goes live on December 8, meaning we don't have long until we can download it.

Final Fantasy 14 Futures Rewritten 5.4 Patch Contents

As per Square Enix:

“Chronicles of a New Era – The Sorrow of Werlyt Updates – Players can continue their attempt to thwart the Empire’s warmachina development project alongside Gaius after vanquishing the Sapphire Weapon. However, newly unearthed information alludes to another foe lurking in the shadows: The Emerald Weapon.

“New Trial: Castrum Marinum – With the existence of a warmachina code-named ‘Emerald’ confirmed, it falls to Warriors of Light to spearhead a pre-emptive strike before this menace can be unleashed upon the world. Players can challenge Emerald Weapon in both normal and extreme difficulties.”

As for the aforementioned Eden's Promise Raid: 


"Ryne and her mysterious counterpart Gaia have succeeded in restoring balance to the elements of the Empty. Much of the credit goes to the Warrior of Light, whom they invite to observe whether life continues to flourish in the once-barren desert. While the flame of hope burns brighter than ever, this tale is far from over..."

There's also a new Dungeon (The Sorrow of Werlyt), too.

Aside from new additions, the Blue Mage is being updated to level 70, Explorer Mode is being added for Shadowbringer Dungeons, and the game's director Naoki Yoshida has promised a new live stream on February 6, 2021.

Final Fantasy 14 Futures Rewritten 5.4 Trailer

Final Fantasy 14 Futures Rewritten 5.4 Patch Notes

Here are the preliminary patch notes at their most basic level.


You can find the full preliminary patch notes at Lodestone here, but it's quite a read.


New quests added for Chronicles of a New Era, Role Quests, Side Quests and more.

Treasure Hunt

The Shifting Oubliettes of Lyhe Ghiah have been added as well as Gliderskin and Zonureskin Treasure Map reward adjustments. Dungeons of Lyhe Ghiah has had its rewards adjusted.

Free Companies

New craftable items can be found in a company workshop, while subaquatic voyages have been adjusted.



New furnishings have been added (including those from the Furnishing Design Contest), orchestrion rolls have been added (with amended, spoiler-free descriptions). New aquarium fish have been added, as has a new seed for flowerpots.

Gold Saucer Minigames

Triple Triad and Doman Mahjong have received changes.


Eden's Promise raid dungeon has been added, as well as a "Savage" variant. Matoya's Relict dungeon has been added, and Ruby Gwiber Trumpet drop rate has been increased in Cinder Drift (Extreme).