Final Fantasy 14 Hits Over 22 Million Players Ahead of PS5 Version

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Final Fantasy 14, Square Enix's MMORPG, now has 22 million registered players since re-launching back in 2013.

While it should be stated that the number includes free trial players that have logged in without purchasing the game (or its monthly subscription), it remains an impressive statistic – especially given that the game infamously launched in poor shape and was rebuilt (thanks, Siliconera and Dengeki).

Final Fantasy 14 Hits Over 22 Million Players Ahead of PS5 Version

That number is only likely to grow in the coming months, too. For one, the game will be moving into open beta on PS5 later this month. Find out how to jump in here.

Then there's the next expansion, Endwalker, which will take players to new locales (including the moon).

Endwalker will also introduce a pair of new jobs, the Sage and a yet-unannounced DPS-focused one.

Find out everything we know about Endwalker here.

Square has also revealed that the 5.5 patch, Death Unto Dawn, is landing next week.

The first half of the Final Fantasy XIV 5.5 update will continue the Shadowbringers storyline with a new dungeon called Pagl’than for players to explore with their friends.

A new battlefield called Zandor will also be available in Final Fantasy XIV 5.5, as part of the Save The Queen Relic quest.

I recently picked up FFXIV again having bounced off it back on PS4, and am finding it to be a delightful experience so far, spamming my abilities and clicking all over its beautiful world.

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