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Final Fantasy XIV Guide - Moonfire Faire Seasonal Event

Final Fantasy XIV has a variety of Seasonal Events that reward players with valuable items such as Clothing, Mounts, Minions, and more. One of those seasonal Events it’s the Moonfaire Faire, a summer festival that gathers players to fight giant Bombards and rewards them with summer-themed clothing and items.

Since this seasonal event changes its rewards, related quests, and achievements every year, it’s hard to predict exactly how it will go when it returns in August. But the general idea of the event always works pretty much in the same way.

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How do I participate?

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To participate, the only requirement is that you reached level 30. Other than that, you’re free to participate as much as you want. To start the event, players have to speak with any of the Moonfaire Faire chaperones, who appeared in each of the three city-states and accept their quest.

After that, all that is needed is to go to the indicated location (it changes every year) and speak to the dispatched NPCs to begin the special FATE against the boss of the event (usually Bombards). The items obtained after winning the battle can be traded for the event gear, usually swimsuits.