Square Enix Highlights Final Fantasy XIV 5.5 Diamond Weapon, Ishgardian Restoration

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Following a recent tease of Final Fantasy XIV 5.5’s story, Square Enix revealed new screenshots of the FFXIV’s Diamond Weapon.

The developer also shared a few tidbits on the upcoming Ishgardian Restoration ceremony that’s been years in the making.


Final Fantasy XIV 5.5 bridges the final events of Shadowbringers with FFXIV’s next expansion, Endwalkers.

It follows the Heroes of Light as they try restoring balance to the land, building ties with the beast tribes and confronting the threats of an empire that refuses to admit defeat.

As always with FFXIV’s big patches, 5.5 continues several sub-stories, including The Sorrow of Werlyt.

That’s where the Diamond Weapon, the game’s latest raid megaboss, comes into play.


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Square Enix Highlights Final Fantasy XIV 5.5 Diamond Weapon

FFXIV’s Diamond Weapon resulted from the Garlean Empire’s extensive military experimentation.

In the dramatic events leading to 5.5: Death Unto Dawn, the Diamond Weapon saw Alphonse inherit the role of Diamond Weapon’s pilot, a role that almost inevitably leads to death.


As the Sorrow of Werlyt quest continues, the Heroes of Light and Gaius will join forces in the air to try and stop the empire’s final weapon for good.

FFXIV 5.5 also sees the long-awaited finale of the Ishgard Restoration project.

Since the Heavensward expansion, players have been gathering materials to restore the war-ravaged district and obtaining special recipes for their efforts.

Death Unto Dawn will celebrate the district’s re-opening, though how that affects Ishgard quests is still unclear.


We don’t have long to find out, though.

Final Fantasy XIV 5.5: Death Unto Dawn releases April 13 for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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[Source: Square Enix]