FFXIV 2021 Roadmap - 5.5 New Quests, Events, Endwalker Details And More

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Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2021 is over, and it gave us many gifts, like a wonderful trailer for the next expansion, a memorable concert, emotional speeches, and a ton of information. A roadmap with the upcoming content for the game was shown with every batch of content and many events that will appear before Endgame releases next November. Today we will talk about the contents of this roadmap.

Final Fantasy XIV Roadmap 2021


Patch 5.55 - Death Unto Dawn Part 2 - May 25th

Patch 5.55 will bring several new things to the game, as follows:

  • New Main Scenario Quests
  • Save The Queen New Battlefield: Zadnor
  • More Progression levels on Bozjan Southern Front
  • New 48-player Raid
  • New Mounts and Emotes
  • Resistance Weapons Final Upgrade

Make It Rain Event - June

The Make It Rain event makes its return to Final Fantasy XIV! The Golden Saucer-related event will help you to collect MGP more quickly, which will help you to buy the rewards of the Golden Saucer, such as mounts, minions, and more!

Patch 5.56 and 5.57 - June-July and July-August

The following two patches will release on June-July and July-August, respectively.


Stay tuned for more information on these!

Moonfaire Faire and The Rising - August

Both the Moonfaire Faire and The Rising event return next August, bringing a lot of rewards such as summer-themed wearable costumes, and decorations for your house! Stay tuned for more info on them!

Final Fantasy XV Collaboration Event - September

The Final Fantasy XV collaboration event makes its long-awaited return! This event will give a lot of rewards such as Noctis’ clothes, orchestrions with the FFXV OST, a Triple Triad Card, and the beautiful Regalia Mount! More info on the event here.


Endwalker Release - November 23th

Finally, the Endwalker Expansion will release this day, marking the final chapter of the Hydaelin/Zodiark Story Arc that began in A Realm Reborn. Keep in mind, if you pre-ordered it you will be able to play the Early Access on November 19th!