FFXIV Aglaia Coin - How to Get and Where to Use

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Another update has come to Final Fantasy XIV and has brought another currency option with it. This time, it's the new FFXIV Aglaia Coin.

The coins are gained from the Aglaia Raids, which came in the 6.1 Patch, and make up the first part of the Myths of the Realm. We’ll go through how to get them and what to use them for, as Final Fantasy tends to hide things in its levels and make players work hard to uncover their needed items and currencies.

The Aglaia Coin in question come with other rewards, too, and can be earned in a specific way.

What Are The Aglaia Coins In FFXIV?

So what are these mysterious Aglaia Coins? Described as ‘age-worn artefacts’, they are recovered from the Aglaia region. The coins are rewards for Aglaia Raids, which are quite prestigious as level 90 raids.

The Coins can be used to enhance gear, especially the augmented Tomestone Gear, which relies on Radiant Materials - more on this in a little bit.

How To Get The FFXIV Aglaia Coin

The only real way to get these pesky Aglaia Coins is to finish the Aglaia Raids. These are unlocked by completing the Newfound Adventure Main Scenario Quests, in particular, the Brother’s Grief quest after finishing Alzadaal’s Legacy.

The Newfound Adventure quests are only available after all of the Endwalker Main Quests are done, however, so remember to work through those! The second mission of these - Realm of the Gods - unlocks the Aglaia Raids.

These raids are meant for large teams, and so it is recommended to gather up as many as you can to tackle the boss. Also, keep a spare space in your inventory, otherwise the Coin won't be able to be automatically added when the run is done.

Note that one coin is won in a raid, and players can earn one a week. The weekly reset is every Tuesday. Once Aglaia is completed, though, you can earn another reward each week too: two Cracked Anthoclusters.

Where To Use Aglaia Coin In FFXIV


Now that you’ve got your hands on some coins, what can they be used for? The Aglaia Coins can be exchanged with Nesvaaz, in Radz-at-Han. They are used to purchase items to enhance equipment, namely the items purchased with Allagan Tomestones, or Tomestones of Astronomy.

Ask for the Out-Of-This-World Oddities - these include Radiant Twine and Radiant Clothing, which are used to upgrade the Tomestone Gear previously mentioned.

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