Final Fantasy XIV Celebrates 8th Anniversary With Birthday Cake, The Rising 2021 Coming Next

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The 8th Anniversary of the critical-acclaimed MMO Final Fantasy XIV is here, and the celebrations already started! Square Enix is kicking it with numerous events both in-game and in real life, with The Rising Seasonal event coming next, and a new video showing the creation of a birthday cake, made by former Great British Bake Off star Kim-Joy.

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8th Anniversary Birthday Cake

Former Great British Bake Off star and culinarian Kim-Joy designed a cake consisting of numerous elements celebrating Final Fantasy XIV Online, and the legacy of the game. This multi-layered lemon sponge cake has a variety of decorations paying tribute to the game, including:

  • Cactuars, Sabotenders, and Gigantenders gingerbread cookies, decorated with royal icing and placed on a sandy desert backdrop made from biscuits.
  • Fat Chocobos made from tangzhong bread, sitting on a watercolour blue and white backdrop representing the sky.
  • Spriggans made from mochi and filled with thick custard, clutching their precious gems made from kohakutou-style jelly.
  • All topped with a fondant-covered Moogle.

If you want to check a full video showing the creation of this beautiful cake, you can check it right here:


The Rising 2021

But the celebrations don’t stop there! The in-game event The Rising returns, from today until 9th September. Players who take part will be able to journey to the Steps of Nald in the city of Ul’dah, in order to help out the NPC Kipih Jakkya, who seems to be in some sort of trouble.

Rewards for this event include:

  • Red Moon Parasol: An elegant parasol featuring an image of a flaming moon, which seems strangely familiar.
  • Nymeia Potpourri: Made from the alchemically treated petals of Nymeia lilies, this fragrant bundle of potpourri brings a sense of tranquility to even the most troubled souls.

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