Final Fantasy XIV 6.1 Goes Live On April 12, Adds New Characters to the Story

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Update: Square Enix has announced that Patch 6.1, a Newfound Adventure, goes live on April 12.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker finished in dramatic fashion but as always, the show must go on. Producer Naoki Yoshida has confirmed that new characters will be introduced in the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV 6.1 update, who each play a very important role in the story going forward.

Detailing this further, here's what Yoshida had to say about Final Fantasy XIV 6.1 (courtesy of Siliconera):

“New characters will appear, but that’s really all I can say for now. However, we are simply not just adding new characters for the sake of furthering the story. I don’t believe that it would be right to think that just because we are entering a new chapter, that all of the things the Warrior of Light has built up until now would just disappear. It would be impossible to sever the bonds the player has created with these characters throughout their journey.”

Final Fantasy XIV 6.1 Adds New Characters to the Story

Details are slim right now but this'll likely be welcome news for players, as Final Fantasy XIV is widely considered to hold one of the best stories seen in any MMO.

Final Fantasy XIV is now available on PS4, PS5, and PC. More details will likely be revealed soon, so we'll keep you updated as we learn more about the 6.1 patch.

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