New Final Fantasy 7 Remake Mods Make Red XIII Playable at Last

Final Fantasy 7 Remake mods have been gradually popping up since the game (finally) launched on PC in December. Fans have made Cloud playable in one of his Honeybee Inn dresses, for example, and there's even a playable Red XIII mod.

The Red XIII mod, shown off by Wccftech and created by Nexus Mods, finally makes this fan-favorite character playable in Final Fantasy VII Remake, something fans wanted since the game first released in 2020. The mod creator says Red XIII will be able to level up and participate in battle, though he cannot use any ATB skills, which is to be expected since none were programmed for him.

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Red XIII Is Finally Playable In Final Fantasy VII Remake Thanks To Mods

However, this is just a mod and that means there are a number of issues that might hinder anyone who just wants to enjoy Final Fantasy VII Remake on PC. In fact, there's even a list of known issues:

  • When in the Main Menu, Red will use Aeriths portrait.
  • In the command menu, his portrait will be of whoever was using the command menu last.
  • You still cannot change his materia or equipment in game. This must be done with a save editor.
  • Red has infinite HP.
  • Red cannot gain ATB, meaning that you cannot use his abilities, Magic, or Items. (However, he can still use both his abilities and Cure when he is not being controled)
  • Even outside of battle he cannot use items or magic, nor can you use items or magic on him.
  • During one segment where Red is separated from the main team and needs to be rescued, he is still within your active party, and using him will teleport him to you. This is harmless, however, as the game will still progress normally as you progress through the battles.
  • If you force him into the party via save editing or Cheat Engine and switch chapters (Either through chapter select or through playing), the game will force Red's level to 35 on Easy and Normal Mode, and 50 on Hard mode, and his stats will change accordingly. However, it does not overwrite the EXP he has gained, and he will level up or down to the appropriate level to his exp amount after a single enemy is defeated. If you are not forcing him into the party when he shouldn't be, you will never notice this.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is now available on PS4, PS5, and PC, along with its PC and PS5-exclusive interlude chapter starring Yuffie, the Wutai ninja.

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