How to Beat Leviathan In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

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Final Fantasy VII Remake is something truly special, not only letting fans relive their memories of the original classic with Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith but also putting them through a new adventure where they attempt to fight fate.

It’s also one hell of a game in its own right, with great combat, a good number of side missions, excellent boss battles, and a surprisingly solid script, making Final Fantasy VII Remake an easy Game of the Year contender back in 2020.

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How to Beat Leviathan In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

With Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade coming to the PS5 later this week, fans will get to relive some of the gorgeous boss fights, now having a much better framerate and improved visuals overall, so it will be fun seeing players fight Leviathan again.

Leviathan was one of the harder boss fights in Final Fantasy VII Remake, giving plenty of players trouble last year due to his powerful attacks but if you’re well-prepared and bought a lot of healing items, you might just beat the Summon.

During Leviathan’s grounded phase, try to get as many physical attacks from Cloud and Tifa as possible since the boss won’t stay here for long.

Once Leviathan is off the ground, Barret is your best bet to deal damage with his gun attacks, though Cloud and Tifa can lob the boss with Materia as well.

Make sure to have Cloud on healing duty if you don’t have Aerith since Leviathan’s attacks do a ton of damage so make sure to invest in those Phoenix Downs before taking part in the battle.

In the end, you should be able to take the Summon down and earn Leviathan, who will be of great use during battle.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is now available on the PS4 while Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is coming to PS5 this week on June 10.

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