Final Fantasy 7 Remake For PC Appears On Epic Games Store Database

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake has just appeared within an Epic Games Store database. While it's previously been confirmed that the recent next-gen edition, Intergrade, is PS5 exclusive for six months, plans may be in place for Square Enix to now bring it to PC players.

Discovered on EpicData, a site dedicated to tracking the Epic Game Store's back-end data, a listing was spotted for 7 Remake by a ResetEra user. While it's well hidden, the customAttributes folder has an area on Cloud Saves. Within it, that lists Cloud Saves will be backed up from"{UserDir}/My Games/FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE/EOS/{EpicID}/".


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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Appears On Epic Games Store Database

Furthermore, ff7remakedevice.sav was also spotted alongside it - an element which refers to QA - and the developer is clearly listed as Square Enix Japan. You can see a screenshot of this all below, courtesy of RPG Site.


Considering how Square Enix recently brought the entire Kingdom Hearts series (mobile entries excluded) to the Epic Games Store in March, we certainly wouldn't be surprised to see further RPGs making their way over. While Final Fantasy hasn't appeared on Epic previously, it could be a matter of time.