Final Fantasy VII Remake: How To Climb Shinra HQ Faster

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Later in the game, Cloud Strife and the Avalanche rebels will infiltrate the Shinra headquarters to sabotage it from the inside. During the mission, players will given a choice to use an elevator or stairs to get up to the right floor. Here’s what we know to climb the headquarters faster.

Elevator or Stairs

During the Shinra HQ infiltration mission, players are tasked to get to the 59th floor of the building to achieve their objective. Players will be given an option to use an elevator or stairs to make their way to that floor.


On paper, the infiltration mission benefits well from using the stairs to avoid a massive alert on the headquarters. Meanwhile, taking the elevator shows a faster albeit a riskier route for the climb.

Elevator For Quick Route

Choosing the elevator for this route is the easy way for this mission. The elevator is fairly fast in climbing your way up to the 59th floor. This choice is also the easier path to climb to the 59th floor.

The elevator route only has major encounters every 10 floors climbed. The 10th and 20th floor will have a massive fight against some Shinra soldiers. Meanwhile, the 30th and 40th floor will have some encounters with Shinra employees. The elevator route also saves some game time if you want to finish this mission fast too.


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Stairs For Challenge And Fun

Picking the stairs route up to the 59th floor is a smart yet challenging choice for the climb. The challenge in this route isn’t with the enemies to face but with the ascent to the upper floors.

Players will need to manually run up every floor of the headquarters. The characters will move slower as they go higher due to exhaustion from running up the stairs


The whole party will have banter on the way up which makes the trip less boring. Make sure to examine the stairs well to not miss any collectibles on the way up.

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