Final Fantasy 7 Remake Materia Guide: How to find, equip and use spells in PS4 exclusive

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake launches on April 10 on PlayStation 4, and fans have been wondering how it'll approach Materia.

Longtime fans will no doubt remember Materia as the way players were able to equip spells in the 1997 original – and it's very similar here.


Here's our guide.

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Final Fantasy 7: Remake Materia Guide

How to find Materia


Materia can be purchased from shops, like the general store in the slums or in the weapon shop.

You can also find it in the open world, sometimes as a reward for exploration or sometimes dropped by enemies.

How to equip Materia

Every playable character in Final Fantasy 7 has their own gear that can be equipped, each with a variety of Materia slots.


For example, Cloud's first Buster Sword has two slots – meaning it can hold two spells to use in battle. Later weapons have more slots, and other items have slots as well, such as armour.

In the pause menu, select Equipment/Materia and then press the triangle button to access each slot.

Some Materia offers bonuses when stacked, like damage boosts, so it's often worthwhile to add multiple instances of the same Materia to the same weapon or gear.

How to use Materia


While some Materia offers passive buffs like improved dodging, active Materia can be found in your abilities menu during battle.

Be sure to keep a mix of Materia throughout your party to target different elemental weaknesses – with spells such as Fire, Ice, Lightning and more able to stagger opponents more quickly if you use them at the right moment.

Also, be sure to keep some healing Materia handy – it can be a godsend when you're out of potions.