Buying Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade On Disc? Bad News, Episode Yuffie Is Download Code Only

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You've likely seen that Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Intergrade's launching on PS5 in just under a month. This last week alone, we've gotten updates including a reveal of the Fort Condor minigame, discussions about PS5 exclusivity, and a brief sequel update from Part 2's creative director Tetsuya Nomura.

However, if you were planning on purchasing Intergrade as a physical PS5 disc, we've got bad news. According to Australian retailer EB Games, you'll have to redeem a download code to play the new DLC, Episode Yuffie.

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Buying Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade On Disc? Bad News, Yuffie's DLC Is Download Code Only

Stating “The new episode, featuring Yuffie, will be a code supplied in the box", this move also has additional ramifications. If you buy Intergrade pre-owned later on, that code could already be redeemed, meaning you'll need to shell out further money.

For those already buying Intergrade digitally, chances are some players will dismiss this as not being particularly important. However, that would ignore wider concerns about games preservation, as right now, Episode Yuffie won't be available if the PS Store is ever completely shut down.

Keep in mind this doesn't guarantee other regions will have download codes too, but it'd be strange if Square Enix singled out Australia alone. Either way, we'll likely learn more in the coming weeks.

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