Final Fantasy 16: Is The Release Date Getting Announced Soon?

Final Fantasy 16 is one of the most anticipated PS5 games coming to the system, as the latest installment in the long-running JRPG series actually does something big by going back to the more fantastical settings of older Final Fantasy and the MMORPG Final Fantasy 14, rather than the modern fantasy backdrops of Final Fantasy 7 or Final Fantasy 15.

It’s been a few months since the game’s official announcement and we’re still waiting for a Final Fantasy 16 release date, with many of us hoping that the game will come out later this year, while a number of us are trying to think more realistically, seeing the game get a 2022 or 2023 release date, which wouldn’t be a bad thing since this would only be a few years into the current generation of gaming.

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Final Fantasy 16: Is The Release Date Getting Announced Soon?

However, a small update on the Final Fantasy 16 PlayStation page (via GameRant) has got our hopes up that the game’s release date is coming sooner than later.

The Final Fantasy 16 release date on the PlayStation page went from “TBC” (to be confirmed) to “Coming Soon,” which has us hoping that some sort of Final Fantasy presentation is on the way to tell us when this highly-anticipated JRPG will be coming out.

We’re all interested in seeing how Final Fantasy 16 will blow our socks off, especially since it looks like a single-player action RPG, hopefully with a great story.

A number of character screens and story bits have been revealed but nothing major has been said yet so we’ll be patient for this big PS5 title.

Final Fantasy 15 will be coming to the PS5 and PC, though no release date has been revealed.

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