xQc Tries FIFA 22 but Uninstalls After Being Bullied by Great Players

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xQc found out that FIFA 22 is not as easy as it appears to be. As a matter of fact, he continued to be rolled and even bullied at one point during the game. As the game rumbled on and on, he finally had enough and uninstalled it while his chat roasted him.

There is a harsh lesson here for anyone who thinks that this is just a pick-up-and-play game. It is not some Battle Royale game that anybody can understand and become good at immediately. This is a real game that requires skill and practice to be successful.


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xQc Plays FIFA 22

If you don't understand soccer, FIFA 22 is a pretty difficult game. The game is similar to NBA 2K, where a passing knowledge of Basketball is not enough. XQc thought this was Madden and got embarrassed. Below is a clip of a good player messing with xQc to the point of bullying:

After being beaten down for hours and doing training camps, xQc had had enough. xQc uninstalled the game as his chat laughed and made jokes. The look on his face just screams, "quit."


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It's hilarious. In the streams where he played, xQc couldn't even find good ways to defend himself. At some points, all he said was, "no, I'm okay at it." See why xQc hates the game now by watching the whole stream.