FIFA 22 VOLTA: Official Trailer Reveals New Ways To Play

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It's safe to say that Volta has been somewhat of a disappointment.

The FIFA Street-esque mode had the potential to capture the hearts of FIFA fans, but so far, it has failed to do so.


EA are looking to put that right this year and if the latest trailer is anything to go by, then it looks as though we may have to give it another go.

Here is everything that we've learnt from the official FIFA 22 VOLTA trailer.

Official VOLTA FOOTBALL Trailer

The official VOLTA FOOTBALL trailer landed on YouTube earlier today, and you can view it below.

Focus On Flair

VOLTA is all about being the king of the streets, and thus is important that you bring your flair to the cages.

In order to ensure that you put your full focus on your flair, a brand new skill meter has been introduced which will reward you for beating your man in the most creative way possible.

The ways in which you can increase your skill meter are as follows:

  • Making a fancy pass fills up the bar by 100
  • A successful wall pass awards 200
  • Beating an opponent using a Skill Move is 300
  • Nutmeg an opponent for 800
  • Dispossessing the other team awards 100

You will have to work your way through three sections within the skill meter, all of which require 1000 points to fill.


Filling the first meter will see your goal multiplier upped to x2, the second to x3 and the third to x4.

If you score a goal with a maxed out skill meter you will be awarded four points. It could be the difference between winning and losing, so make sure you get your creative boots on this year.

Brand New Signature Abilities

The FIFA Street edge is certainly back within VOLTA this year, with EA introducing singature abilites for the first time.

Each player will be given the opportunity to select one of three unique Signature Abilites when they create their Avatar at the beginning of their VOLTA career, an ability which they will be able to use at key points during the match.

At the beginning of each match, your Signature Ability will start on a cooldown but, as the match progressess, the bar will begin to fill up.

Once your Signature Ability Meter is full, it will begin to glow and you'll be able to activate your chosen Signature Ability. Once activated you'll be able to use it, but choose your time wisely, as it will only last for a short duration!

The three signature abilities you can select from are as follows:

  • Power Strike
  • Pure Pace
  • Aggessive Tackle

You can learn more about the signature abilites and what they do by heading to our VOLTA Hub, which can be found right here.