FIFA 22 Ultimate Team 'Cheating' Results In Over 30,000 Bans

There's no doubt about it, FUT Champions is one of the most stressful game modes in any title.

It's three days of blood, sweat and tears, as FIFA fanatics go up against one another in an attempt to earn some of the best rewards in the game.

So when an opportunity arose to exploit a 'no-loss glitch' in the game, guaranteeing a perfect 20-0 record and some incredible rewards, many members of the FIFA community didn't look back.

But perhaps they should've done, as EA Sports have now revealed the punishment for those who took advantage of their error.

30,000 Bans

A statement issued by EA Sports in the early hours of Wednesday morning confirmed that over 30,000 active accounts that exploited the issue have been banned from FIFA 22 online for 7 days.

This means that those who are banned will be unable to compete in this week's FUT Champions Finals, which seems a fair price to pay considering they ruined the last round of FUT Champions action for players across the globe.

1000 Day Ban

But whilst EA have claimed that it is a seven day ban that has been put into effect, there has been some widespread panic across social media regarding the bans.

A number of players who exploited the issue and have been reprimanded have logged into their account to a message which states that they have been blocked for 1,000 days.

The length of the ban has caused split opinions in the community, with plenty of fans stating that a 1,000 day ban seems more appropriate for those "blatantly exploiting the game."

EA have yet to comment on the 1,000 day ban rumours, although it appears as though this is an error on EA's end and that the seven day ban will be applied instead.

Positive Play Charter

EA Sports ended their statement by redirecting fans to their Positive Player Charter, which encourages fans to play their titles in the correct spirit.

It also features a subsection clarifying that those playing EA's titles should ensure that they do not cheat, which includes using "exploits, design errors, bugs or problems".

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You can learn more about EA Sports' Positive Play Charter here.

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