FIFA 22 Season 3: Level 15 Player Pick Review & Tips

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Season 3 of FIFA 22's Ultimate Team has got underway.

The brand new season brings a host of new challenges and rewards along with it, including two sets of Player Picks.


The first Player Pick selection comes at Level 15, where you will have the choice of three 84-rated cards.

Table of Contents

Here is who is available and who you should look to select.

Season 3 Level 15 Player Pick

Once you reach 26,000 XP you will be given the opportunity to select one of three special cards.

All three are 84-rated with one centre back, one right back and one left midfielder available for selection.

Here is who you will be choosing between.

Reggie Cannon (84 OVR)

The first card that is available is Liga NOS fullback, Reggie Cannon.


The American has been upgraded from a 73 OVR to an 84 OVR, with 93-rated pace, 86-rated physicality and 84-rated dribbling leading the way as far as his base statistics are concerned.

Cannon is the best right-back that the Liga NOS has to offer at this stage in the FIFA year, but he isn't a card that many will look to use, largely due to the difficulties you will have fitting Cannon into any side you are looking to build.

It's a good card as far as his in-game stats are concerned, but not one that many will select.

Gfinity Rating - 3/5

Chris Willock (84 OVR)

The second player that you will have to consider is QPR midfielder, Chris Willock.


The Englishman has been upgraded from a 70 OVR to an 84 OVR, with significant boosts to his shooting (+25) and physicality (+20).

Willock has also retained his 4* skills, which is handy for those looking to take on their opposite number, but his 3* weak foot is a little disappointing.

The Championship is one of the more favourable leagues within Ultimate Team, and we imagine that Willock will be the most favourable of these three cards.

Gfinity Rating - 4/5

Nathan (84 OVR)

The third and final card up for grabs at Level 15 is Brazilian centre back, Nathan.


The MLS defender has been upgraded from a 68 OVR to an 84 OVR, and it is quite a significant one as far as his in-game statistics are concerned.

Nathan has 80-rated pace, 83-rated defending and 86-rated physicality, which makes for quite the combination for a starting centreback.

It's unlikely that many will run with an MLS setup, but from a Brazilian viewpoint, this is a card you should consider.

Gfinity Rating - 4/5