Obscene FIFA 22 POTM Ronaldo Requires 26 SBC's & Proves FUT Remains All About The Cash

The FIFA 22 Player of the Month SBC's have finally landed in Ultimate Team, which spells great news for those looking to give their club an early-season boost.

As always, there was the hope of picking up some of Ultimate Team's biggest and best cards for a cut-price by using the SBC fodder in your club. But that is not even remotely close to being the case.

EA has released one of the most absurdly priced SBC's that we have ever seen, and it's only October. We can't quite believe what we're seeing.

It's All About The Cash

EA have had a bad reputation in the past for their use of micro transactions in their flagship sports titles.

But it looked as though they may be doing something to chance that reputation over the course of the past six months, releasing both preview packs and reputable SBC's into the game so that players could pick up some of the biggest and best names in world football, without having to remortgage to do so.

So with that in mind, we were hoping for a reasonable priced Cristiano Ronaldo SBC this afternoon. We weren't naive enough to expect anything below a million coins / 10-15 squads, but EA has gone above and beyond in a way that prices virtually every single FUT player out of a move for the Manchester United man.

286 Cards

26 squads are required to unlock Cristiano Ronaldo, who is priced at over 2,000,000 coins at the bare minimum. To put that into context, in order to unlock CR7's POTM card, you would have to submit 286 cards into his SBC.

Now say you get three players per 7.5k pack (150 FIFA Points), you would have to open a minimum of 96 packs to accrue that amount of players. That comes to a total of 14,400 FIFA Points, which would set you back £112.

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And we all know of EA's lack of a desire to place high-rated cards into their packs on a frequent basis. If we're being realistic, in order to unlock Ronaldo from scratch by opening packs, you would have to spend a minimum of £500-£600.

Unless you've got a kidney going spare, or you fancy a go at Red Light Green Light in Season 2 of Squid Game, it's highly unlikely you'll see this card anywhere near your club.

Where Next?

+1 - Ronaldo's rating has only gone up by one overall!
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+1 - Ronaldo's rating has only gone up by one overall!

Honestly, we don't know where EA can go from here in order to bring the fans of the game back onboard.

It could also lead to rigged voting for the Player of the Month SBC. Let's be realistic, who's going to want to vote for the big-name players if this is how EA is going to reward them in the FUT mode.

Be prepared for a changing of the guard in the Player of the Month votes.

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