FIFA 22: Michail Antonio POTM SBC Release Date

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We're almost two months into the Premier League season, but we're yet to see an SBC for the August POTM, Michail Antonio.

But with the September Player of the Month nominees now revealed, EA Sports are running out of time to get Antonio into the Squad Building Challenge market.


Here is everything we know about a potential Michail Antonio SBC.

POTM Antonio Release Date

FIFA 22 was launched in full on Friday, but we've yet to see a Player of the Month Antonio in-game.

We must admit, we are growing a little concerned as to whether we will actually see the West Ham star arrive, with time quickly running out to avoid a backlog with future POTM SBCs.

We're hoping that the card will arrive this week, and if not, we can all but rule out Antonio's arrival.

POTM Antonio Requirements Predictions

As the card hasn't been officially released yet, we are still unsure of what EA will ask for in terms of their squad requirements.


But by using past POTM releases, we can work out roughly what to expect to have to fork up if we're wanting to get our hands on this 85-rated card.

We're anticipating a two-squad SBC, likely to feature an 83-rated squad and an 84-rated squad.

We'd recommend investing in some of the 83/84 rated Premier League players that are under 5,000 coins. These include:

  • Lucas Digne (84 OVR)
  • Jordan Henderson (84 OVR)
  • Harry Maguire (84 OVR)
  • Yuri Tielemans (84 OVR)
  • Luke Shaw (84 OVR)

These cards are likely to rocket in value should EA ask for Premier League players as part of their SBC.

POTM Antonio Stats Predictions

So how could this Player of the Month Antonio shape up in-game?

Here are our predicted stats for the forward:

  • 88 Pace
  • 83 Dribbling
  • 83 Shooting
  • 65 Defense
  • 80 Passing
  • 88 Physicality

With physicality now playing a big role in the FIFA meta, this could be a great card for the early months of gameplay.


We'll be snapping him up as soon as we get the chance.