FIFA 22 ICON Swaps 1: Tips For Spending Your Tokens

The first batch of ICON Swaps will be arriving in FIFA 22 later today.

The Objectives have yet to be announced, but the rewards that you will be able to unlock in return for grinding through the challenges have been leaked on social media.

There is plenty up for grabs, with a mid version of Wayne Rooney set to be the top-rated reward on offer for the first batch.

But should you be saving your tokens to pick up Wazza? Or are there better ways to spend your hard-earned ICON Swaps?

ICON Swaps 1 Rewards

So what exactly is on offer in the first batch of ICON Swaps rewards?

  • 25x81+ Players Pack - 2 Tokens
  • 25x82+ Players Pack - 3 Tokens
  • 25x83+ Players Pack - 5 Tokens
  • Mid Iker Casillas - 6 Tokens
  • Mid Rio Ferdinand - 7 Tokens
  • Base/Mid ICON Pack - 8 Tokens
  • Prime Marc Overmars - 9 Tokens
  • Mid ICON Pack - 10 Tokens
  • Mid Marcel Desailly - 11 Tokens
  • Base Alessandro Del Piero - 12 Tokens
  • Mid 89+ Player Pack - 13 Tokens
  • Base/Mid Players Pack - 14 Tokens
  • Prime Gianluca Zambrotta - 14 Tokens
  • Mid/Prime Player Pack - 16 Tokens
  • Base/Mid/Prime Player Pick - 17 Tokens
  • Mid Wayne Rooney - 17 Tokens

How To Spend Your Tokens

Choosing how to spend your ICON Swaps Tokens can prove difficult.

Do you save up and spend the lot on one of the better rewards on offer? Or do you opt to bulk your squad with fodder by picking up some of the 25+ Player Packs?

The first thing that you must remember is that all 17 ICON Swaps Tokens will not be available upon release. EA will release the tokens in batches, this means that you will have to be patient if you are hoping to pick up Wayne Rooney.

WAZZA - Mid Wayne Rooney is the top-tier prize in Swaps 1
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WAZZA - Mid Wayne Rooney is the top-tier prize in Swaps 1

But with that said, that doesn't mean you should rush in and spend your tokens straight away either. The tokens will remain eligible until the end of the ICON Swaps cycle. Patience is a virtue.

Assuming that you pick up all 17 ICON Swaps Tokens available, here is how we would suggest spending them:

Firstly, we would pick up one of the three Players Packs on offer. The reasoning behind this is that in order to complete the bulk of the ICON Swaps challenges, you will have to use first owner players.

This means that even if you don't pack anybody worth a tremendous amount in the pack itself, you will still have 25 first owner players that you can build into your various squads as you look to attack the rest of the challenges. The 25x82+ Rated Players Pack (3 Tokens) provides the best value in our opinion.

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At 7 Tokens, the mid-tier version of Rio Ferdinand looks to be a good option too. Rio is one of the best centre backs available in the market right now, and it is unlikely that you will have to change him out of your squad later in the year.

As far as the higher-priced rewards are concerned, we'd look to complete either the Mid 89+ Player Pack (13 Tokens) or the Base/Mid Player Pick (14 Tokens).

Those who have completed any of the ICON Packs that have been on offer in the SBC market throughout FIFA should look to opt for Player Picks over Player Packs, as the rewards will be untradeable and you could quite easily end up with a duplicate.

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Avoid the Mid Iker Casillas (6 Tokens), Base/Mid ICON Pack (8 Tokens) and the Prime Gianluca Zambrotta (14 Tokens). The value just isn't there for those three rewards.

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