How To Qualify For FIFA 22 FUT Champions Play-Offs & Finals

We're less than a week into the full release of FIFA 22, but Ultimate Team is as competitive as ever.

FUT fanatics from across the globe have been busy grinding away at Division Rivals over the last seven days, as they attempt to qualify for the first FUT Champions event of the FIFA year.

But with plenty of changes to both the qualification process and the Weekend League format itself, things are a little confusing. Here is everything you need to know if you're looking at participating in FUT Champions this year.

What Is FUT Champions?

For most, FUT Champions is the highest level of competitive FIFA that you can play out throughout the year.

Taking place from Friday to Sunday, those who have managed to qualify are tasked with playing a maximum of 20 games in order to earn themselves a range of different rewards.

Coins, packs and player picks are up for grabs each week, whilst those who continuously perform to a high standard will find themselves in contention for the EA Sports Global Series events.

How To Qualify For The FUT Champions Play-Offs

The qualification system for FUT Champions has been reimagined and rewritten for FIFA 22.

Rather than accruing qualification points via Division Rivals, players will now find themselves in the FUT Champions Play-Offs prior to competing in the main event.

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The qualification process for the Play-Offs is similar to that of the FUT Champions event in previous releases, whereby you will have to earn your way in by collecting points through Division Rivals matches.

As always, you will earn more points for winning matches than you will for losing. Performing to a high standard is key if you want to get involved in FUT Champions this year.

How To Qualify For The FUT Champions Finals

Now, once you've made it to the Play-Offs, it's time to knuckle down and earn your place in the FUT Champions Finals.

You will have nine matches to prove yourself worthy of a place in the big dance, with 24 points the target in order to book your ticket to the finals.

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You will earn four points for a win and one point for a loss, which means you will need to win at least five games if you are to qualify.

Once you hit 24 points, EA will grant you one qualification token, which you can then cash in whenever you wish. Do note that you do not have to play in the weekend immediately preceeding your qualification, you can save it for a later date if you so wish.

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