FIFA 22 VERSUS: How Does The Promotion Work?

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EA have delivered a curveball this evening, by announcing a brand new promotion that will be heading to FIFA 22's Ultimate Team this Friday!

It was expected that the festive FUT Freeze promotion would be confirmed via this evening's loading screens, but EA have appeared to switch things up by announcing their 'VERSUS' promotion.


But what exactly will this promotion entail? And what does it mean for the future of FUT Freeze?

What is FIFA 22's Versus Promotion

Versus is a brand new promotion that will be arriving in FIFA 22's Ultimate Team on Friday, December 10th.

The promotion looks set to pit two cards against one another in a battle that has been touted as fire versus ice. What exactly that means however, is yet to be confirmed.


There are a number of different theories circulating within the FIFA community. The first is that it will feature players from rival clubs up against one another in a Player Pick SBC format, for instance a 90-rated version of Marcus Rashford against a 90-rated version of Gabriel Jesus.

The second theory is that it will be just one player up for grabs, but with a selection between a 5* weak foot or 5* skills. This would give players the choice to select a maxed out rating in whichever attribute they deem to be more important.

There is no suggestion that there will be any FUTMAS-esque Daily SBC's returning with this promotion. Although until we get official word from EA, we can't entirely rule it out.

Is Versus Replacing FUT Freeze?

At present, it is not known whether or not the Versus promotion is a direct replacement for FUT Freeze, or whether it will run in tandem with the usual Christmas release.


It must be said though, that the card design is glaring similar to that of the FUT Freeze cards from years past, indicating that there will be a festive tint to the promotion, which doesn't bode well for those hoping to see Freeze return.