FIFA 22 Halloween: Rulebreakers Return Confirmed Via Ultimate Team Loading Screen

It's official, the Rulebreakers promotion will be returning to the Ultimate Team servers this week!

EA confirmed that they will be bringing a second edition of the Halloween-themed promotion to FUT via a loading screen which has appeared in Ultimate Team.

Here is everything that we know.

Rulebreakers Returns

It had been speculated that EA could choose to reignite the Ultimate Scream promotion that became customary at Halloween up until FIFA 21.

There was also rumours of a 'Trick or Treat' theme in this years promotion, heavily influenced by the arrival of the 'Treat Collection' in the Objectives menus.

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However both of those have been put to rest by the arrival of the Rulebreakers loading screen. EA haven't revealed much about what the promotion will entail, although we envision that it will be similar to what we saw in FIFA 21.

Card Design

We may not know any of the players who are set to feature, but we do know what the card design will look like.

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EA have somewhat surprisingly opted for a predominantly purple card, with hints of green, yellow and red thrown into the mix. Hardly the most terrifying of cards for a Halloween promotion but nevertheless, it looks pretty cool.

There are usually some further hints to be found in the text that features in the background of the loading screens, although there is quite literally nothing on offer with this one.

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