FIFA 22 FUT Champions: Season 2 Changes Explained

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Season 2 of FIFA 22's Ultimate Team will begin this Friday.

Alongside the usual new challenges and rewards, there will be a host of changes coming to some of the key modes in Ultimate Team.


Relegation will be returning to Division Rivals for the first time since FIFA 21, whilst there will also be a host of key changes to the Weekend League format.

Here is everything that you need to know.

Division Rivals Relegation

We'll begin with the minor changes to the Weekend League sister, Division Rivals.

The weekly competition sees players attempt to work their way through the rankings to reach the highest divisions, earning themselves some in-game rewards along the way.

You will have to start your Season 2 journey in a lower division than the one you will end Season 1 in though, with EA keeping players on their toes.

  • Division 10 → Division 10
  • Division 9 → Division 9
  • Division 8 → Division 9
  • Division 7 → Division 8
  • Division 6 → Division 8
  • Division 5 → Division 7
  • Division 4 → Division 6
  • Division 3 → Division 5
  • Division 2 → Division 4
  • Division 1 → Division 3
  • Elite Division → Division 2

Don't rest on your laurels, because the grind starts again in Season 2.


FUT Champions Qualification

Alongside the implementation of relegation, there are also some changes to the FUT Champions qualification process.

FUT Champions hopefuls in Season 1 required just 1,500 points to qualify for the FUT Champions Play-Offs, that has been increased ahead of Season 2.

2,000 points will be the benchmark for those wanting to compete in the Weekend League from Season 2 onwards. The qualification format remains the same.