FIFA 22: Flashback Thomas Muller SBC Cheapest Solutions & Review

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The FIFA 22 Flashback SBC's have taken centre stage this evening.

Bayern Munich favourite Thomas Muller is the latest player to enter the promotion, with a card that celebrates his early seasons with the Bundesliga giants.


Here is everything that you need to know about his SBC.

Table of Contents

Flashback Muller Stats

Muller has been downgraded from an 87 to an 86 on this Flashback card.

Despite the downgraded rating, Muller has received some rather significant upgrades compared to his 87-rated base card, including a huge upgrade to his pace.

Muller has retained his 3* skills and 4* weak foot found on his base card.

Flashback Muller Requirements

EA is asking for just one squad in return for this Muller card. The requirements for the squad are as follows:

  • Bayern Munich Players: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 85
  • Team Chemistry: Min 70

Flashback Muller Expiry Date

You will have one week to decide whether or not you are going to complete this SBC.

This Flashback Muller card will expire at 6pm GMT on Monday, January 3rd.

Flashback Muller Cheapest Solutions

This Muller card will set you back roughly 50,000 coins if completed from scratch.

The cheapest solution to the required squad is as follows:

  • GK - 84 MARTINEZ
  • CB - 85 SILVA
  • CB - 84 MAGUIRE
  • CM - 84 BARELLA
  • CAM - 87 DYBALA
  • LW - 87 INSIGNE
  • RW - 84 ZIYECH

Flashback Muller Review - Is It Worth It?

For just 50,000 coins, you can't go wrong with this card.

This is likely to be the only useable version of Muller that will be made available this year unless he finds his way into the Bundesliga TOTS, but that won't arrive until May time.

His league, club and nation combination make him super easy to fit into any hybrids too. He will also be incredibly valuable for completing any Bundesliga centred objectives that will arrive throughout the year


Get it done.