FIFA 22 VOLTA: Release Date, Gameplay, ARCADE, SQUADS & Everything You Need To Know

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FIFA 22 will be hitting the shelves this autumn, and there is a whole host of chances coming to the EA Sports favourite.

VOLTA - which first featured in the FIFA franchise back in FIFA 20 - will be returning to the footballing sim, and it will be bigger and better than ever before.


A plethora of new modes and features will be coming to the FIFA Street-esque game mode. Here is everything that you need to know.

Table of Contents

Release Date

VOLTA will be available upon the full release of FIFA 22, which is scheduled for Friday, October 1st.


EA Sports have put the focus on making VOLTA FOOTBALL feel and play differently to any of the other modes within FIFA.

In order to do this, they have prioritized playing with flair and rewarding players for taking each other on with skill moves, fancy passes and wall passes.

In short, they want VOLTA to feel as close to a street game of football as possible, and in order to do exactly that, they have introduced a brand new Skill Meter system.


New Skill Meter

The Skill Meter may be brand new for the VOLTA gamemode, but those who have played the classic FIFA Street titles will notice some stark similarities.

By building up the Skill Meter during the game, you can ensure that your next goal is worth more points for your team, you will be able to fill up the meter by completing the following actions:

  • Making a fancy pass fills up the bar by 100
  • A successful wall pass awards 200
  • Beating an opponent using a Skill Move is 300
  • Nutmeg an opponent for 800
  • Dispossessing the other team awards 100

By adding high value goals into the VOLTA mode, EA have ensured that it's not over until the final whilstle goes. You must keep your head in the game until the very last second otherwise you could find your opponent completing the most miraculous of comebacks.


Signature Abilities

Signature Abilites are also heading to VOLTA in FIFA 22.

Each player will be given the opportunity to select one of three unique Signature Abilites when they create their Avatar at the beginning of their VOLTA career, an ability which they will be able to use at key points during the match.

At the beginning of each match, your Signature Ability will start on a cooldown but, as the match progressess, the bar will begin to fill up.

Once your Signature Ability Meter is full, it will begin to glow and you'll be able to activate your chosen Signature Ability. Once activated you'll be able to use it, but choose your time wisely, as it will only last for a short duration!

The three signature abilities you can select from are as follows:

  • Power Strike
  • Pure Pace
  • Aggessive Tackle

It's important to know what your role within the side will be before you select your ability, so do your research thoroughly in order to ensure that you make the most of your skills!


A whole new game mode is heading to VOLTA in FIFA 22, in the form of the VOLTA ARCADE.

The arcade brings a whole new meaning to the term sociable gaming, with a weekend-only, free-for-all, lighthearted bash available for you and up to three friends.

Eight "Party Games" will be heading to the mode upon launch, and they are as follows:

  • Dodgeball
  • Foot Tennis
  • Disco Lava
  • Quick Strike
  • Wall Ball Elimination
  • Team Keepaway
  • Target Gallery
  • Corner Scramble

You can learn more about VOLTA ARCADE and the eight Party Games that are being introduced by heading to our detailed runthrough right here.


VOLTA SQUADS will return for FIFA 22 with a host of improvements and updates.

VOLTA SQUADS will remain an online mode, as EA have introduced a new streamlined way to connect and play online, whether that be with friends or drop ins.


In-game positions have been removed within the Online Focused 4v4 mode in order to enable more free-flowing football. This will allow for players to be able to attack or defend depending on the situation they find themselves in, making for a more entertaining game of VOLTA.


In a new approach to releasing content throughout VOLTA, VOLTA SEASONS will be heading to FIFA 22.

Similarly to Ultimate Team, each season will last approximately 6 weeks and will feature a wealth of new content including:

  • Seasonal Gameplay Environments
  • Seasonal Clothing Collections
  • Seasonal Progression Unlocks
  • Weekly Objectives
  • VOLTA SEASONS Lobby Environment

New content will be available in each season rotation, with players able to earn Seasonal XP by playing matches and completing Weekly Objectives.