FIFA 22 Nintendo Switch: What Is Legacy Edition?

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FIFA 22 has been revealed, and while the game is looking to bring a wealth of new improvements to PlayStation and Xbox consoles, fans of the Nintendo Switch will once again be getting a "Legacy Edition".

EA's moniker for the Switch version has remained the same since the franchise's debut on the hybrid system, but if you're unaware, here's what is (and isn't) included.

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FIFA 22 Nintendo Switch: What Is Legacy Edition?

Legacy Edition means the game is essentially running on the same prior version as it was a few years ago.

That means things like the Hypermotion Engine and performance capture won't make their way into the Switch version, and you can also expect fewer graphical bells and whistles, too.

Does FIFA 22 Nintendo Switch Have Career Mode?

Yes, FIFA 22 will likely have Career Mode - but expect it to be essentially a last-gen port.

It's pretty basic, in truth, if FIFA 21 on Nintendo Switch is anything to go by.

Does FIFA 22 Nintendo Switch Have VOLTA Football?


While FIFA 21 made a big deal about the arrival of VOLTA, the Switch version didn't add it.

We're not expecting it to come to the Switch version of FIFA 22, either.

Does FIFA 22 Nintendo Switch Have Ultimate Team?

Yes! EA's money-spinning Ultimate Team mode is on the Switch, but it's a watered-down version. Don't expect features from the last few years - there are no Squad Battles, FUT Champions, or the chance to customise your stadium, at least in FIFA 21's Legacy Edition.

Does FIFA 22 Nintendo Switch Have The Journey?

Alas, the prior Journey modes don't appear to be back for FIFA 22 - and they didn't run on the Switch, anyway.