FIFA 22 Gameplay Trailer Reveal: Five Key Takeaways

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The FIFA 22 Gameplay Trailer has just dropped, and there is plenty to dive into.

HyperMotion technology is the driving force behind revolutionised gameplay, which is sure to bring a whole new FIFA experience to next-gen users.


Here are our five key takeaways from the official release.

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HyperMotion Technology

Described as "the biggest addition to gameplay in FIFA 22", HyperMotion techonolgy was unsurprisingly at the forefront of this afternoon's reveal.

HyperMotion technology will be exclusive to next gen consoles, but has been said to "revolutionise gameplay in every match, of every mode."

Through data collected via a combination of advanced 11v11 match capture and machine learning, EA Sports have been able to deliver a host of new features which will develop the FIFA experience for all involved.

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4000 New Animations

That's right, EA have added no fewer than 4000 brand new animations into FIFA 22.

By utilising the advanced 11v11 match capture, the team at EA Sports have been able to capture every single touch, tackle and sprint from a high intesity 90 minutes of football, all of which have been used to inspire the addition of 4000 new animations.

By utilising data captured from real life matchups, there should no feeling of fabrication on the virtual pitch, which will make next gen FIFA feel like the real deal!

First Touch Precision

Through the use of the advanced match capture, EA's developers have also been able to work their way through 8.7 million frames of match capture data and turn their findings into responsive animation.

Thanks to the increased match capture data, the developers have been able to programme their machine flow algorithm to add first touch precision into FIFA for the very first time.


This means you will be able to adjust your stride in real time, resulting in a dribbling animation which should feel seemless, and far less clunky than it has done in recent years.

Smarter A.I

Another area which has been vastly improved ahead of FIFA 22 is the AI's ability to perform off the ball.

The tactial A.I implementation has been found to make all 22 players on the pitch much smarter than before, with each player able to make up to six times more decisions per second.

In terms of attacking, this means that your teammates off the ball will make much smarter runs than in pervious years, whilst defenders will be able to keep their shape and transition from left to right with ease.

Goalkeepers have been completely rewritten too. Composed shot stopping and personality traits have been added to each keeper in FIFA 22, a combination which should make the man between the sticks harder to read and harder to beat than they have ever been.


With the two combined, it should lead to games that are won on the skill of the individual in control of the players, rather than unavoidable mistakes from the AI, eliminating that element of luck which can cause so much stress.

Player Humanisation

Much has been made in recent years of the robotic feel of those on the pitch. Well that all changes in FIFA 22.

Thanks to the 11v11 match capture, developers have been able to humanise the players on the pitch in a way that we as users have never seen before.

Players will talk, point and direct each other in a way that we are used to seeing in real life, creating an experience that is as closer to reality than in any of the titles released thus far.

The addition will leave you contemplating your choices based on the response you are getting from your players, which will create a more immersive feel for those with controller in hand.