FIFA 22 DirectX Crashing Error: How To Fix constant in-game crashes on PC

As is the case with any major release, there are always one or two errors which will cause pandemonium for those trying to play the game.

This is the case with FIFA 22, which has seen a number of errors pop up in their game, including a prominent error in the SBC market.

But for those who are playing on the PC, you may be suffering from an error caused by the DirectX software. Here is everything we know about the error, including the best ways in which you can combat it.

FIFA 22 DirectX Error Explained

DirectX is a Windows software technology that is designed to enhance the multimedia experience. This includes 3D gaming, graphic and audio. It is found within the majority of graphic software applications.

However the software is causing issues in the PC version of FIFA 22, with the game crashing without any prior warning. Crashes have been happening at sporadic intervals during gaming sessions, whether that be during load-up or 80 minutes into a FUT Champions match. It's caused a lot of stress.

The crash is accompanied by an error message that references the DirectX software itself, and is one that was seen in FIFA 21, although it appears to be more prominent this year.

How To Fix FIFA 22 DirectX Error

As we've already mentioned, the error has popped up for a lot of different PC users, with no official patch or fix put in place as of yet.

But with that said, there are a number of steps that you can take in order to try and reduce that chance of this error occurring again, as highlighted by our friends over at StealthOptional. They are as follows:

  • Disable any third-party software.
  • Don't overlock your GPU
  • Update DirectX to the latest version
  • Turn on Vsync
  • Clean boot your computer

Be sure to check back on this page for any updates with regards to a DirectX fix.

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