FIFA 21: Eredivisie Squad Foundations 2 Objectives: How to Unlock FAST, Squad Builder, What If Links and Everything You Need to Know

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FIFA is all about the Eredivise content this evening!

Feyenoord central midfielder Leroy Fer has joined the What If promotion, but that is not all.


EA has released three more Foundations Objectives players into the title.

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Eredivisie Foundations 2

EA released three Eredivise Foundations players back in December - namely Ryan Gravenberch, Mitchell van Bergen and Timo Baumgartl.

But now we've got three more to grind for in the Objectives menu, which spells great news for those with the likes of Leroy Fer and Sean Klaiber!

Here is everything that you need to know.

Start & Expiry Date

The second batch of Eredivisie Foundations player went live on Tuesday, March 2 at 6pm GMT.


If you can't get to them straight away then fear not, as there is no expiration date on this set of Objectives.

Who's Available?

So who are you going to be working towards? Let's find out!

Mats Kolhert (86 OVR)

As far as ratings go, the main man in this promo is Willem II winger, Mats Kohlert.

The German has an 86-rated card with some impressive stats, particularly that 91-rated pace. His weak foot and skills are rather disappointing though, just 3* ratings for each.


Danilo (OVR 85)

Whilst he may be a rating less than Kohlert, we imagine this Danilo card will be the fan favourite in this promo.

The 85-rated Brazilian has some decent looking base stats, whilst he also possesses 90-rated finishing in-game!

Philipp Max (OVR 84)

The third and final player up for grabs in the second set of Eredivisie Objectives is German left-back Philipp Max.


It's a pretty standard card as far as left-backs go, though he is the best as far as the Dutch top flight is concerned.

Objectives & Rewards

There is a total of four objectives to complete if you want these three men added to your squad.

Here is how to complete them:

The reward for completing the full list of Objectives is the 86-rated Squad Foundations Kohlert.

Objectives Tips

So what is the best way to complete this set of Objectives as quickly as possible?


The main thing to avoid is trying to do this on the cheap.

You won't need to spend a shed load of coins to build a usable squad, but the key is to make sure your squad is usable.

You'll need to invest in decent strikers and wingers from the Dutch top flight, as two of the four objectives include either scoring goals or assisting with Eredivise players.

Utilise your bench well too. You have three subs that don't have to be from the Eredivise, use them wisely! 

We'd recommend two strong central midfielders and a keeper for your three subs, though using substitute strikers to kill the game when you are winning isn't the worst idea either.


These three cards aren't awful, but they aren't great either.


If you're wanting to build an Eredivise squad, then these guys will improve it without a doubt, but they aren't going to be particularly useful subs at this stage of the game.

You won't be missing out if you don't complete this set of Objectives.