FIFA 21 Update Today: Title Update 3.1 latest FUT changes ahead of PS4, Xbox release

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The latest FIFA 21 Title Update has been released today on PC with EA promising to launch the next patch on PS4 and Xbox One in the coming days.

Typically EA Sports will roll out the FIFA 21 title updates on PC first, ahead of consoles. So if you own a PS4 or Xbox One it won't be long before these changes come to your game.


For the sake of those keeping track, this is title update 3.1, so not a whole new update, just some additional tweaks to the existing 3.0 title update live across all devices.

As you might imagine, the latest patch brings with it plenty of fixes and gameplay improvements, with one of the headline additions being some tweaks to FUT ultimate team which was preventing players adjusting bids in the transfer market.

If you’re wondering what else is in the latest download then we've gathered the patch notes for FIFA 21 title update 3.1, just below.

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FIFA Ultimate Team:

Addressed the following issue:

  • After using the Compare Price option on a Transfer Market Item, Bids cannot be properly adjusted by the player.
  • Corresponding EASF Tracker card:
  • This issue started occurring after the previous Title Update.


Addressed the following issues:

  • After finding a potential Squads match, players would sometimes be presented with an “Unable To Setup Match” error message.
  • Corresponding EASF Tracker card:
  • Sometimes, players would see a “Failed To Join Match” error message when trying to enter a Squads Drop In match lobby.
  • Corresponding EASF Tracker card: