FIFA 21: 95 Headliners Karim Benzema Review - TOTW 26, In-Game Ratings, Future Upgrades & Everything You Need to Know

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Karim Benzema is on fire this season!

The Frenchman's appearance in TOTW26 - his fifth TOTW appearance so far in FIFA 21 - has earnt him yet another upgrade to his Headliners card.


Here is everything you need to know about the brand new, 95-rated version of the in-form Real Madrid centre forward.

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95 OVR

Karim Benzema grabbed two goals and an assist as Real saw off Celta Vigo on Sunday, enough to earn himself the starring role in TOTW 26.

Benzema's TOTW appearance means that the Real Madrid man has also been handed an upgrade to his dynamic Headliners item.

A fourth upgrade takes Benzema to a cool 95 OVR, which spells great news for those who invested in the 33-year-old when the promotion debuted in January.



Base Stats: 492

Total In-Game Stats: 2382

Pace - 85

  • Acceleration: 88
  • Sprint Speed: 83

Shooting - 93

  • Positioning: 98
  • Finishing: 96
  • Shot Power: 92
  • Long Shots: 86
  • Volleys: 94
  • Penalties: 92

Passing - 91

  • Vision: 98
  • Crossing: 84 
  • FK. Accuracy: 82 
  • Short Passing: 97
  • Long Passing: 82
  • Curve: 91

Dribbling - 93 

  • Agility: 84
  • Balance: 74
  • Reactions: 97
  • Ball Control: 97
  • Dribbling: 93
  • Composure: 96

Defending - 46

  • Interceptions: 45
  • Heading Accuracy: 99
  • Def. Awareness: 54
  • Standing Tackle: 28
  • Sliding Tackle: 21

Physicality - 84

  • Jumping: 87
  • Stamina: 86
  • Strength: 88
  • Aggression: 70

Transfer Value

At the time of writing, Karim Benzema is trading for the following prices:

  • PlayStation: 400,000
  • Xbox: 385,000
  • PC: 550,000

Expect to see Benzema's price fluctuate over the next 24 hours whilst the upgrade is still fresh.


If you're looking to add the Real man to your squad, we'd wait for the hype to die down.


With his latest upgrade, Benzema has become one of the very best strikers in FIFA 21.

Benzema's finishing has improved yet again, with the Frenchman moving ever closer to that elusive 99 OVR in that department.

Meanwhile his pace has improved yet again, though his agility and balance are still rather underwhelming.

If you're looking for a target man to lead your line, then there are few better than Benzema, though if you're looking for a striker to get in behind and cause the opposition problems with the ball at his feet, we'd steer clear.