FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: Cheap Serie A Players For Your Starter Team

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With FUT 21 now available to play, it’s time to start looking at some top starter players you can look to get into those starting lineups.

As is the case every year, expect a number of cheap players to fit the meta early on, and be considered cheap beasts!


Here are some top players from Serie A that you can look into early on in FUT 21!

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While GKs are a pretty standard position to fill in FUT, with only a handful of attributes, there are still only a number of players that will truly  fit the bill for an unreal early shot stopper!

GKs are readily available in most top leagues, and Serie A is no different. We love the look of 82 Perin, 83 Pau Lopez and 83 Strakosha for those starter teams. All have very good splits of diving, reflexes, positioning and handling, and have good links to starting Serie A CBs.



In any team, the defence is key, and in FUT, that’s no different, with capable CBs being a difference maker in games.

Serie A CBs are somewhat hard to come by early on. Despite this 80 Nkoulou and 83 Romagnoli provide solid, 70+ pace options to start a Serie A defence. 83 Manolas is a slightly more expensive option, but certainly adds more pace and defensive prowess to the backline.


Full-Backs are a majorly important position in modern football, and FUT shouldn’t be much different, with full backs needing to be quick, defensively adept as well as useful on the attack.


Similar to the CBs, full-back options are very limited in the Serie A this year. On the right side, 78 Malcuit and 77 Bruno Peres look to be the cheaper options, with Cuadrado being the clear best player on the right side of the defence in Serie A.

On the left, yet again options are limited, with 80 Theo Hernandez being by far the best option to go for.

Centre Midfielders

Your CMs and CDMs in FUT are the true workhorses of the team, so making sure you have strong players with stamina early on is key.

In the CM/CDM position for Serie A teams, while the options aren’t incredible early on, you do have a few very useful options.

77 Tonali personifies the starter CDM role, with good pace, solid technical ability and decent defensive capabilities, and with his new OTW SBC, could be a popular card to go for.

Moving into more box to box roles, 77 Kessie and 80 Bonaventura look to be the best options for cheap, with all of the key stats well into the 70+ range.


Centre Attacking Midfielders

The CAM role in FUT is predominantly a playmaking one, however, having agile players that can contribute with goals are great assets to an early squad.

When it comes to CAMs in the Serie A this year for cheap, there really is only one good option.

Bernardeschi features 5* skill moves, as well as 80+ in pace, passing and dribbling, making him a very technical, tricky to tie down attacking midfielder.


Wingers early on in FUT are key in breaking down starter defences with pace and power, so having some threats out wide are advised.

On the right-hand side, Serie A has some very good attacking options for a lower budget.


While 80 Lozano may have been out of packs for TOTW 1, he’ll still be a budget beast once his gold card returns to packs.

If you’re looking for pure pace, 81 Lazzari looks to be a solid bet on the right-wing, while 81 Politano offers more of a goal threat from wide areas.

Left Wingers

Wingers early on in FUT are key in breaking down starter defences with pace and power, so having some threats out wide are advised.

On the left in Serie A, you have a number of different options depending on the type of player you want to get in.

For pure pace, 78 Gervinho is your man, while for a more well-rounded winger that could even play in the centre, 82 Gosens looks to be a better option.

Similarly, 82 Perisic can play in a more central CAM role with his solid shooting and skills/weak foot combo.



Goals win games in football, it’s as simple as that, so having natural goalscorers leading the line in your team will be vital.

In the attacking line, the Serie A is full of top starter beasts for your teams. 79 Muriel, Osimhen and Rebic all possess high 80s pace and around 80 shooting, all fitting the bill for an early starter striker.

81 Correa may only have 84 pace and 75 shooting but can play a deeper playmaking role with superior dribbling and passing. Finally, 84 Ilicic may only have 70 pace, but his technical abilities as a playmaking forward cannot be overlooked.

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