FIFA 21 Now Lets You See What Is Inside Ultimate Team Packs Before You Buy Them

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FIFA 21 now lets players view what is inside their lootbox-style FIFA Ultimate Team packs ahead of buying them.

Branded as Ultimate Team Preview Packs, this new option is only available on packs marked as such and any other packs aquired through any other means can't be previewed ahead of buying.


Ultimate Team Preview Packs can be purchased with FIFA Points, which are bought with real world money or FUT Coins, which are earned in game.

Upon previewing the contents, you can choose to open it. Or, if you don't like what is inside, you can exit out and wait for timer on the pack to expire, which will then allow you to preview another pack and open that one.

These packs have been added as a part of the ongoing Festival of FUTball in-game event and for now are the only pack with this functionality.

This change comes as EA comes under increasing pressure to alter the way it presents lootbox items in-game as governments and authorities threaten them with gambling regulation.

FIFA and other sports titles are one of the only genres of games that have kept lootboxes in their experiences in recent years, with most other games opting for Battle Pass systems, due to the threat of strict gambling laws.

It begs to be seen if this feature will be added into more of EA games or be applied to other FIFA Ultimate Team packs. However, this does feel like EA is testing the waters to see how much the income brought in from Ultimate Team is affected by this feature.

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