FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: Pre-Order Packs For Ultimate & Champions Editions - How To Claim, Release Times & Info

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FIFA 21 has officially been released for players that have bought the Ultimate & Champions Editions

Among other perks, including 3 days early access as well as some exclusive in-game content, players that purchased these editions will find pre-order packs in their FUT accounts when they log in on console for the first time.


Here’s all the info regarding FUT 21 Pre-order packs for Ultimate & Champions editions!

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What Packs Do You Get?

If you’ve bought the Ultimate or Champions Editions of FIFA 21, in FUT, 2 25,000 coin Rare Gold Packs will be gifted to your account. 


These packs contain 12 items, all rare, all gold, with a range of player, consumable and club customisation items.

For the Champions Edition, you’ll receive a total of 12 Rare Gold Packs, 2 per week for 6 weeks, with the Ultimate Editions receiving a total of 24 Rare Gold Packs, 2 per week for 12 weeks.

How To Claim Pre-Order Packs

To claim your pre-order packs for Ultimate/Champions editions, you need to log into the console version of FUT 21.


You won’t be able to claim your packs on the web app version, you first need to load in through the full version of the game on console to activate your Ultimate/Champions version of the game, to make you eligible for the packs.

Once you’ve logged in and claimed the first set of packs, these will be automatically sent through to you every week.

When Are Packs Distributed?

The first set of packs are distributed whenever you first login on the console version of FUT, so you’ll be able to claim them straight away.


After the first set of packs, pre-order packs will be distributed alongside Squad Battle Rewards at 1am BST every Monday morning.

Conditions For Redeeming Packs

One condition that definitely has to be noted, is that Ultimate/Champions edition packs do not stack. This means that if you decide to not open your 2 25K packs in a given week, you will not be eligible to receive 2 more packs the next week.

While it’s unfortunate for users, it’s EA’s measure to make sure people don’t hold pre-order packs for an upcoming promotion.


What this means then, is you’ll have to open packs every week you receive them. You won’t be able to hold more than 2 at a time, so make sure you’re opening them and not letting them go to waste!