FIFA 21: Player Moments Sergio Busquets Review - Cost, Upgraded Ratings, Links and Everything You Need to Know

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FIFA 21 has dropped a Player Moments Sergio Busquets SBC into Ultimate Team this evening. 

The limited-time SBC won't be around for long, but if you're in need of a La Liga/Spanish CDM, then you can't let this one go a miss.

Here is why.

Player Moments Busquets

Sergio Busquets has been one of the top-rated holding midfielders in FIFA 21 for as long as we can remember.

Whilst the Barca man has always been in and around the high 80's, he's always been used as SBC fodder, rather than an Ultimate Team regular.

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But that is not the case anymore.

Because with this Player Moments upgrade, Busquets is FINALLY usable! 


There are plenty of upgrades on show with this card, including +8 shooting, +6 physicality and +5 dribbling.

But the upgrade that we card about the most is the massive +38 pace!

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That's right, Busquets can run!

The Spaniard's 80-rated pace is comprised of 76-rated acceleration and 83-rated sprint speed which, for a CDM, we can have no qualms about.

There's been no upgrade to the 3* skills or the 3* weak foot, which is a little disappointing, but it's not the end of the world either.


This Sergio Busquets SBC will set you back 180,000 on PlayStation, 165,000 on Xbox and 200,000 on PC.

Given the significant upgrades, we can't complain at that price whatsoever.


Another big benefit of this Busquets' card is that he strong links to a wide range of players across the BBVA.

The Barcelona man gets a green link to the likes of Lionel Messi, whilst he perfect links a number of FIFA favourites such as Ansu Fati and Jordi Alba.

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The Spaniard also picks up green links with his fellow countrymen such as Sergio Ramos and What If Cristian Tello.

He's perfect for a La Liga squad but even better for a La Liga hybrid.


Usable versions of Busquets don't come around too often.

If you need a new holding midfielder for your La Liga side, then Busquets is your man.

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