FIFA 21 TOTS: How do Weekend League Player Picks work?

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The FIFA 21 TOTS will begin this Friday!

The EFL and the Community sides are due to arrive in Ultimate Team on Friday evening, which spells big news for those who compete in the elusive Weekend League.

Table of Contents

The TOTS Player Picks are expected to return, and here is everything you need to know.


What are Player Picks?

Red Player Picks are the primary reward for those who compete in the FUT Weekend League.

Usually, those who compete in the Weekend League will be granted a choice of between two and five players from the current TOTW, with those who achieve the higher rankings rewarded with more picks and higher rated players.

The promotional players are never included in the Player Picks, but there is an exception when it comes to the Team of the Season.

TOTS Player Picks

So how will the Team of the Season picks work?

We've not had official confirmation on how the FIFA 21 TOTS Player Picks will work, though we can use the formula's from past FIFA's to give you a fair estimate.

You will have to reach a minimum of Silver 2 to qualify for a TOTS player in your Player Picks, though the better you do, the higher your chances of a top-tier TOTS player will be:

  • Silver 2 or higher: Player Picks will be capped at 88 OVR
  • Gold 2 or higher: A minimum of 1 TOTS item from that week's Friday release will be in any Player Pick packs earned
  • Elite 3 or higher: Elite TOTW Packs will be replaced with a TOTS Pack containing 3 TOTS Players from the specified League
  • Top 100: Ultimate TOTW Packs will be replaced with a TOTS Pack containing 11 TOTS Players from the specified League

Do note that the TOTS packs are only available from Elite 3 onwards, the player picks for these rankings will not be restricted.

TOTS Calendar

The confirmed Team of the Season dates and their Weekend League rewards are as follows:

  • Thursday, April 29th - Community TOTS and EFL TOTS Rewards

We will update the list as and when we get more confirmed dates.