FIFA 21: Ultimate Team Gameplay Breakdown

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If you’re looking for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team gameplay, MattHDGamer’s got the goods.

In a new 20-minute video uploaded on Thursday, Matt offers a rundown of how the latest version of Ultimate Team (“FUT”) will work in FIFA 21.


The footage, he cautions, features a pre-release build of the game and may not be entirely representative of the end product that’s getting shipped next month.

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Breakdown

Matches will start with player cards laid out across a two-dimensional diagram of the field to remind you of each player’s designated position and individual ratings.


It all looks incredibly fluid and smooth, with lots of television-style transitions and commentary to break things up.

The game feels, Matt says, most comparable to FIFA 17. “The general gameplay speed [feels] quite responsive,” he explains. “There’s no input delay at all.”

Notably, you can skip opponents’ replays, which makes for a big change of pace. “I think it’s a lot better,” Matt observes. “The game speed in general seems to flow a lot faster.”

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Features

EA’s promising the “most social” FIFA Ultimate Team to date, with online co-op and global community events that’ll unlock “shared rewards.”


You’ll be able to create and customize your own home team with walkout music, pyrotechnics, team jerseys, logos, and more.

If this is your first FIFA, you’ll be able to compete against AI opponents to learn the ropes and hone your skills. You can also play alongside football legends. “The greats are all here,” EA says.

FIFA 21 Launch Details

FIFA 21 is available October 6.


It’s coming to PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X, and PC.

A stripped-down “Legacy Edition” will hit Nintendo Switch.