FIFA 21: FUT Player Days LIVE: FUT Encore Released, Release Date, Best Of In-Form Team, Countdown, Rewards, Offers And More

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The FUT Birthday promotion has ended, but Player Days has returned!

The promo is back with a bang, as a host of popular cards from throughout the FIFA year have returned to packs for a limited-time.

There is also a plethora of SBC's and Objectives based content to get stuck into.

Table of Contents

Here is everything you need to know about the Ultimate Team promotion.


Latest News - FUT Encore Squad Released

The FUT Encore Squad has arrived in FIFA 21, and it's absolutely stacked!

Fan favourite cards from a host of different promotions from the FUT year have returned to packs for a limited-time, including UCL TOTGS Lionel Messi and What If Jadon Sancho!

The full squad can be seen below.

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Release Date


The Player Day's promo arrived in FIFA 21 on Monday, March 8.

It won't be around for long though! The promotion will end at 18:00 GMT on Thursday, March 11.

What to Expect

The Player Days promo is all about savings.

The Tier Engagements Rewards have already arrived, with players being rewarded based on how long they have spent playing FUT since FIFA 21 arrived.

Tier Engagements

Tier Engagements are simple, they reward you for playing the game.

The more you play, the better your rewards.

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We're yet to work out the finer margins of how the packs are broken down, but the FIFA 20 requirements were as follows.

  • 11-60 – Jumbo Premium Gold Pack
  • 61-118 – Prime Gold Players Pack
  • 119-155 – Rare Mega Pack
  • 156+ Days – Ultimate Pack

Log into FIFA Ultimate Team now to find out what your reward is!

Best of TOTW

It is not clear whether or not EA will be bringing the best of TOTW to FIFA 21 as part of the Player Days promotion.

The feature was a fan favourite in the Player Days release in FUT 20, but EA hasn't mentioned it in their promotion reveal this evening.

Themed Objectives & SBCs


EA may have refrained from confirming a Best of TOTW release, but they have confirmed that there will be 'themed Objectives and SBCs' as part of the promo.

There was little in the way of content drops on Monday evening, but it looks as though we could be set for a big week of content within Ultimate Team.