FIFA 21: FUT Birthday Geoffrey Kondogbia Review

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Geoffrey Kondogbia has arrived in the FUT Birthday promotion via this limited-time Squad Building Challenge.

The Atletico Madrid midfielder was a fan favourite in FIFA 19, and he's sure to be the same in FIFA 21 after the release of this stacked card!

Thinking of completing the SBC? Let's run you through everything you need to know!

FUT Birthday Kondogbia

The African central midfielder has jumped to an 88 OVR on this new card, but it's his 5* skills that will get mouths watering.


The FUT Birthday promotion grants each player a boost to either their weak foot or their skill moves.

EA have opted for the former for the Atletico man. A 6'2" centre mid with 5* skills? Don't mind if we do!


Kondogbia has seen his base rating jump from a 79 OVR to an 88 OVR on this card, his first special card of the FIFA year.

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In fact, his total in-game stats are at a whopping 2410, which puts him in and amongst the very best central midfielders in the game. Period.

Here is a comparison of his FUT Birthday base stats compared to his base card for good measure:

  • PACE - 80 OVR (+11)
  • SHOOTING - 83 OVR (+9)
  • PASSING - 83 OVR (+8)
  • DRIBBLING - 85 OVR (+8)
  • DEFENDING - 88 OVR (+9)
  • PHYSICALITY - 93 OVR (+5)

Kondogbia now has the ability to play pretty much anywhere in the midfield, though we'd still recommend playing him in a more defensive role due to his insane defending and physicality.


This Kondogbia SBC will set you back 230,000 coins on PlayStation, 225,000 coins on Xbox and 245,000 coins on PC.


The issue with Kondogbia comes for those who are wanting to build the new FUT Birthday star into a hybrid squad.

Due to his nation change, unless you are using an all Atletico setup on Kondogbia's side, you aren't going to get him on 10 chemistry.

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With that in mind, there are plenty of Atletico stars worth considering, including fellow FUT Birthday star Mario Hermoso, who is available for around 200k.

In terms of attacking links, we'd recommend Headliners Joao Felix, who will set you back around 400,000 coins.

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The best solution those is to use ICONs to link the two sides of your hybrid together, though that comes at a premium.

If you're using Kondogbia, we'd recommend a full LaLiga outfit.


This is a very good card, at a decent price too.

His nation change is infuritaing as far as squad building goes, though it's probably saved you around 5/600,000 coins in SBC fodder.

You can't go wrong in a LaLiga side, but if not LaLiga, we'd give it a miss.


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