FIFA 21: FUT Birthday Rodrigo Palacio Review - Cost, Upgraded Ratings, Links and Everything You Need to Know

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FIFA 21's FUT Birthday promotion has been a huge success so far.

The promo has only been around for a mere 24 hours but has already delievered some huge cards including a 91-rated Leroy Sane and a 90-rated Objectives Klass-Jan Huntelaar.


Argentine forward Rodrigo Palacio is the latest name to join the party, but is he worth the asking price that EA have set for his SBC?

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FUT Birthday Palacio

As part of this years FUT Birthday celebrations, EA are throwing the clock back to bring some of the fan favourites from past FIFA's back to the forefront.

Palacio was an absolulte beast in FIFA 10 with his 85-rated RM card, and even more so when it was upgraded to an 88!

BEAST! Flashback Palacio was incredible in FIFA 20!

His Flashback SBC card was one of the best that EA released in FIFA 20, and this year, he's back!


Here is everything you need to know.


Where do we begin with this card!

The best place is probably with the skill moves upgrade. That's right, Palacio has five star skills!

This is great news for those who like a little bit of trickery up top and, when combined with his 93-rated pace and his 95-rated dribbling, he'll take some stopping.

He knows where the back of the net is too, with 87-rated shooting (including 92-rated finishing) he'll be banging the goals in for fun.


Unfortunately there's been no upgrade to the Argentine's weak foot though, which remains a disappointing 3 star.


This Rodrigo Palacio SBC will set you back 210,000 on PlayStation, 190,000 on Xbox and 230,000 on PC.

Given the significant upgrades, we can't complain at that price whatsoever.


Palacio's league and nation combination means he is a dream for anyone who is looking to pick him up.

His nation links include the likes of Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero and, for those with a bit of a budget, a host of great ICONs including Diego Maradonna.


Argentine Aces! Dybala and Pastore provide the perfect link to Palacio.

Meanwhile he can link with anyone from the Serie A, though there is two perfect links that you should be looking to take advantage of.

Fellow Argentines Javier Pastore and Paulo Dybala link perfectly with this new card, which is ideal for those who are looking for any form of hybrid setup.


The underwhelming weak foot isn't ideal, but aside from that we can't have too many issues whatsoever.

This is a reasonably priced card who has an end-game set of base stats and five stars skills to compliment them.

You won't be disappointed if you opt to complete this SBC.